Night Of Honor

Promotional Resource & Information Page

Key Facts

Date:  Tuesday, June 9th

Time:  7:00 – 7:40pm (suggest people log in at least 5 minutes early)

Website (our website will direct guests to link to watch the video)

Promotional Tips:

  1. Contact your family and friends now, and then again Tuesday afternoon.
  2. The more personal your invite, the more likely they will join.
  3. Encourage people to make an event out of it with their family. We are telling people to make it a Night of Honor “Dinner” and go out and get carryout from a local restaurant, bring the food back, and watch it together.
  4. Make sure people know that the main event is only 40 minutes long and is packed full of great stories.  If they have been to the Night of Honor in the past, they may be thinking it is the same length.
  5. An app like Evite – ( is a great way to ask people to commit to watch, but should not take the place of the personal invitation.
  6. Social media helps us to brand the event.  The more it is in front of people, the greater the curiosity they will have about the actual Night of Honor.  It also helps us get the invitation out to large numbers of people.

Social Media Pic to Use…

Sample Text to Use…

For An Email

A ministry I believe deeply in has put together a special event for Tuesday night at 7pm, called the Night of Honor. I am trying to get as many of my friends and family to watch as possible. It’s only 40 minutes, and it is going to be a really inspirational program. Would you and your family be willing to tune in? They are hoping that people will go support a local restaurant, bring the food home, and watch it together as a family. I suggest you log in at 6:50pm. You won’t regret it!  

For Social Media

I can’t wait for Tuesday night! I hope you will join me. Tune in to hear what the Lord is doing through our local Fellowship of Christian Athletes!


For Phone Text

Hey [name]! I wanted to see if you would be willing to join me for a live online event our local Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hosting this coming Tuesday June 9th, from 7:00-7:40. You will hear some encouraging testimonies I think you’d enjoy. The link to register for the event is at It starts at 7 so we’re going to log on as a family at 6:50 (you know how technology can be!). It’s best to watch it on a computer, laptop, or TV. Hope you can join us!