An effective huddle ministry is much like playing a game of baseball.
Consider the following comparisons…



1.  Join the Team- Wearing the FCA “uniform:”

  • As a team-member, you agree to be accountable to your peers in your personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ:  Get in your “REPS!”…
  • Read God’s Word Daily!..Encounter God daily through verse memory/meditation (slow down!)…Pray Hard…and Often!!…Share with others what God is doing in your life!
  • Communicate:  with your student-body, faculty/coaching staff…and especially with fellow leaders, your sponsor, and FCA Area Director or Rep.
  • Participate!  Come to huddle, come to leaders meetings, come to regional leader’s meetings…join us for region-wide events, etc.

2.  First Base – Huddle UP!

  • Determine a sponsor.  This must be a teacher/coach working in the school who can open up their classroom and/or oversee the huddle at a location you agree upon.
  • Register/certify your huddle. Contact Ted Brunner ( to confirm your huddle being recognized by your school.  He will then register your huddle for you.
  • Establish meeting time/day/location on your school’s campus!  Get the word out!

3.  Second Base – Campus Outreach!

  • Host an event for the student body to attend (dodgeball tourney, v-ball tourney, basketball tourney, etc)
  • Host a fundraising event.  Funds then can be directed to more activity….like a “blessing bag” (bag filled with Gatorade, coach’s Bible, devotional book, candy, etc) for each coach at the start of a season.
  • Consider attending the “mega-huddle” – see Area Director for more info!

4.  Third Base – Community Outreach!Fields of Faith!  Join one!  Host one!

  • Utilize school gym to host athletic games/contests to reach people in need.
  • Partner with Community organizations (like the YMCA and/or Boys/Girls club) to create event to present Christ’s love (sports clinic, 5K run, etc.)
  • Attend Free Fall! – see Area Director for more info!

5. Getting to Home Plate –  Give the ministry away!

  • Use the school year to disciple/mentor younger leaders to take over for you in order to be ready for next year!
  • Encourage huddle members to get to Leadership Camp and/or Kutztown Sports Camp to learn more about FCA and how God uses it for His Glory and to impact lives for Christ!